PizzaTV is your videocentric, professional, world-wide guide to pizza. We provide consumers with education and inspiration to find your favorite pizza location. PizzaTV is the official online home of pizza, featuring pizza-related video and audio content from across the globe. Powered by PMQ Pizza Magazine, the Wall Street Journal of the international pizza industry, PizzaTV spotlights the world’s most popular food in all its multifaceted glory. Follow the ultimate insiders—the staff of PMQ Pizza Magazine—as they delve behind the scenes of the pizza business, explore its captivating culture and chat with some of the most colorful characters in the restaurant business.


If you’re a pizza consumer, PizzaTV will tell you where to find the best pizza in your city—and how to get the best deals—while guiding you toward the perfect personal pizza experience. You can peruse original and curated video content from and about leading pizza restaurants and pizza makers across the United States and the world. You can order pizza online from your favorite local pizzeria and sometimes even watch it being made (and maybe delivered!). PizzaTV will also help you discover delicious pizza on the road, whether it’s the quick-service delivery shop nearest your hotel or the famous landmark restaurants and hidden gems in destination cities from coast to coast.


If you’re a pizzeria owner, PizzaTV lets you claim your exclusive PizzaTV channel to reach a wider audience of pizza consumers through the most powerful digital marketing tool available today—video. You can entertain and attract customers through targeted video content, exclusive digital coupons and special offers, and online ordering.


If you’re a supplier to the pizza industry, PizzaTV lets you use the power of video to promote your products and services to owners and managers of pizza restaurants of all types and sizes as well as top national and regional distributors and food-savvy consumers who know what they like and want to know where to get it.


If you’re a pizzeria industry distributor, PizzaTV lets you claim your exclusive, high-visibility PizzaTV channel and reach the pizza industry decision-makers—from the thriving single-unit independents to fast-growing chains and long-established giants—looking for top-quality products and services to grow their businesses.

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